Beebs & Bess
On a twenty year journey that’s taken them from the kids’ carpool line to the shores of Tuscany, a friendship was forged and a unique new fashion company was born. Naturally, this versatile line of scarves, scarf belts and accessories is right at home in either venue.

With an original new product in hand, the team at cgray translated the essence of the new Beebs & Bess line into a fun, memorable brand identity that would make a statement in the dynamic fashion marketplace. To stand out, it was important that the new brand’s fun, original flair was felt in everything we created, from the company logo, to product packaging and printed collateral. Awareness and sales soared with the launch of a new website, and suddenly the fashion start up from the Carolinas found new retail distributors on the West Coast and delighted customers everywhere fashion versatility is prized.


Branding  //   Collateral   //  Package  //  Interactive eCommerce