Hot Springs Resort & Spa
Customers come from all over the world to soak in the naturally healing, geothermal mineral water at Hot Springs Resort and Spa. The last thing they want to hear is a ringing telephone.

From riverside tent camping, to secluded mineral baths, and hot stone massage, there are lots of ways to relax at HSRS. In fact, the resort has been famous for healing mineral water, and impeccably attentive service, since the days when guests wore top hats, and arrived on horseback. So to help today’s staff honor that renown, and devote more time to guests, and less time answering the phone, we created a new website that explains each of the resort’s many services in detail. New marketing collateral – designed by cgray, with a fresh, modern feel – has helped funnel a surge of new visitors to the website, and boosted overall sales. And HSRS even launched a new music festival, Deep Water Soul Fest, and selected our team to create all new branding, and printed collateral for the annual event.


Branding // Collateral //  Interactive eCommerce