Big Adventures- liquidlogic® Kayaks
The liquidlogic brand is a concoction of adventure blended with churning white water, served with a splash of adrenaline. Capturing all that in a fully responsive website is no riverboat cruise.

Clean design highlighting powerful images of ll gear in action. An easy to navigate mega menu. These were only the beginning. The all new Liquidogic website features the MIVA e-Commerce system that makes it easy to buy a boat whether you’re in Asheville or Colorado. So easy, in fact, that it won the MIVA Blades Award for best small business website. Dropping in on a 90 foot waterfall? That’s the kind of thing you’re going to want to share with your friends. And if you’re Liquid Logic, that’s a lot of friends. So to keep fans on the edge of their seats, we integrated social media to connect team member blogs and social photo and video feeds. LL knows it’s nice to get your hands on the goods, and interactive events and product demos are a big part of their new business model. The interactive map we created for the new site keeps fans in the loop about everything from the next product demo, to the nearest dealer in Russia.


Interactive eCommerce